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Yeah we did a print campaign for a new, very fast Volkswagen and we had idea after two or three weeks and we started to produce it and, from my past, it's always if you got really food idea and really fantastic work, everything is going very well. I don't know why. It's always when you got something that's really amazing that everybody loves, so the photographer is done prefect, the production company do the work, and then, the client love it. Awards. You get awards everywhere. [1616]
For the client, it was a little bit risk because you do advertising for a new car without to show the car. [1617]
It was just, I think, we were both since ten years in the job and we just talk with eachother and, so the idea came when we talk. [1618]
No, we worked for cars for long time, so if you would start today to do advertising for cars, you would have, for the first three months, the ideas that have been done because first they would have came. It's not that easy, but you try to find something new because, to do advertising about a car that it's fast, it's one of the oldest messages that you can send. [1624],[1619]
Yes. When we produced that, we had our director started to give his potential to the idea that it looks better. From production companies, somebody worked on the photography that was brilliant, so it was a team work in the end. It was not jut my partner. [1621],[1622],[1623],[1620]
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