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Then okay, they just said that their target audience is like, of course those who have target audience is like, yeah, pretty middle class as far as rich people in Hong Kong it's like that so really luxurious, luxury of a market, so they just give us some name of the property so we just developed the 100s of names of them but at the end they would just choose from, based on nothing, they would just choose from I don't know what. Then they would just tell you to, "Okay, we're just gonna have a mall, then our targets, the young people, they want to have fun and they're so energy they look for new things." Then yeah, "So what do you think most of them will like?", "Oh yeah." Then we'll really have move video, move board and really think of what the ideas, "What's gonna be built in the mall? What kind of amusement park are we gonna have in the mall?" Then we really will have developed a whole series of 360 campaign series for the mall but and then they changed the brief. [6684],[6667],[6668],[6685]
Just based on nothing they want us to develop, just give us the target audience, they just give us the, no budget of course. Just based on nothing. [6671],[6670],[6669]
They wanna have a celebrity to endorse it but they don't know what celebrity it's gonna be so just give us ... like Madonna or like whatever or whatever, okay we just based on Madonna, Jay-Lo to develop but anyway they haven't, the celebrity isn't concern yet but we've developed like five rounds of crazy face and that and based on that, blah, blah, blah, free benefits. [6672]
When we the board they said, "Oh.", they keep changing their mind so that's a really basic problem. [6686],[6673]
And no one can really make the decision and there's internal politics [6674]
And no one can really make the decision and there's internal politics. [6687],[6688],[6675]
No decision maker, that's the point. [6676]
Some big boss [inaudible 00:06:32] just like his subordinate, suppose this gentlemen who makes this decision but his subordinate would go pass him to the global side, to talk to there. [6677],[6678],[6679],[6689]
A bit tight, because they keep changing their mind so they dot want us getting- [6690],[6680]
Concepts not that much. Well actually from when I step in to handle this project it's been developing for like, four, five [inaudible 00:08:55] so when I step in I wasn't really handle it from this [inaudible 00:09:00] to the end, so for me I would develop like six concepts for it. [6691]
We were okay just end up they get so bossy, it's just a way of just execute with them [6682],[6681]
Account service, I feel pity for them. [6683]
People keep quitting. [6692]
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