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Well, the brief for them, because they were relatively, they're relatively new in this whole advertising world beyond retail, was really for us to surprise them. And, like they needed leadership from the agency to sort of tell them where to go, because they've never done this before. [5015]
For that one? Well, our creative teams, really. I mean, that particular TV spot just came out of nowhere from one of our teams, [5021]
Very good, yeah. They're very easy going. I mean, it's much easier when something makes them laugh. If they laugh, then it's kind of easy sailing from there, usually. [5016]
Well, amongst the creatives, really close, again. I mean, this department's really kind of like a family, so I mean, we all work really, really closely together, and Andy and I worked really closely with them on the spot and everything. [5018],[5017]
Good, I think, again they were pretty good about, once the idea sold, then stepping away from the whole process and letting us do the creative bit and make sure that it was as funny as it could be. [5019]
The planning on that was much, much earlier in the process, and it was probably one of the more successful planning ventures I've seen at this agency, because they actually did what I think planning is supposed to do, and when planning's good, they can step out of the whole thing, they don't work for either the agency or the client, they're the ones who sort of figured out what the voice of Thrifty should be, before we did any creative work at all. [5022],[5020],[5023]
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[5015] Authority bias,[5021] Creative Confidence,[5016] Humor effect,[5018] Organizing effectively,[5017] Trust,[5019] Promote autonomy & sense of ownership,[5022] Collaborative-Creative Disposition,[5020] Organizational encouragement,[5023] Trust

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