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Telefonica del Sur



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Telefonica del Sur

It was a complicated client, and I was not as experienced. [4634]
But, it was complicated, I mean especially for me I wasn't very experienced at the moment. [4635]
So then they sent me to - well I made an art proposal, it was approved and when I went to take the pictures, I got _________with the photographer to take the pictures in a special way and the client didn't like them, they thought they were very dark and he rejected everything. And we had to do a retake and there were some problems but it was solved in the end. But, it was complicated, I mean especially for me I wasn't very experienced at the moment. [4621],[4623],[4622],[4624]
Telefonica del Sur. It was a client that does not have an office here in Santiago so then the conferences were all via video and teleconferences. So then that causes a distancing and they were the typical client who is always right and they treat you like a _________. They don't expect you to propose much. I don't know how that client is nowadays but, it was a somewhat complicated client. [4625],[4626]
For them it was a very important project. [4627]
Yes I am not very fond of testing, I believe that, well I don't know. I haven't had very good experiences and many times the people you test, I test to see and I have also been participating in focus groups. I believe that people who are in that type of situations try to play it smart and they tend to elaborate on their opinions a bit too much. [4636],[4637]
And this ice cream was called 'craving' because it had three different flavors, and we made graphics with different phrases and it looked very nice but in the end the client rejected all of the art we produced. I believe there were three people defining the final concepts, like the final art, two of them had approved them already and the boss said, 'No this is not what it is' I mean it was also a miscommunication issue with them, but well we worked a lot with Savory and they are a really good client but sometimes things don't work. [4628]
And, in the end I began lending the project to another person because I was busy with other things, not more important but I had to hand it over and that person also had problems and in the end they did it somewhere else. The same concept but with flashier artwork, more graphic instead of a more consistent idea. [4629]
Like I tried to do something a little bit nicer, a little bit cleaner, I tried to propose something different and in the end Savory aside from the fact that they are a good client they always end up doing the same thing because they already have their way of functioning on the streets very structures. Savory over here in Chile, works a little bit like Coca-Cola in the world, you go to a nowhere town here in Chile and there will always be anywhere you go these Savory posters on the street. [4631],[4630]
It was important but they wanted to spend a little less money than usual, they wanted to do television now and they were going to invest a lot of money in that and so then we just focused on the street and in sales point. So then it was a medium-big project. It did come out in the end but with other artwork, so that is why I was telling you that in my opinion came out very _______. [4632]
Their risk tolerance was low, in this campaign especially. [4633]
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