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Yeah and for [inaudible 00:00:05] working with them very well. But you know when it's come to the end of the project they started to give us a hard time. It's because we are signed a contract with them so we go back to there and put a lot of effort, pressure to them, asking them to figure it out after that we can move on. It's hard for them to work with them inside to get the project move on. So when we push them, you know, you need to push them and it's very hard for them to push that. So, this way will give them a hard time, so I think, it's so-so I think. But now it's not very good. People here a give us a lot of effort and pressure. Actually, we don't know how to work with the ... how to persuade the people here to work with IDEO. [6375],[6374],[6378],[6377],[6380],[6379]
Very good. [6376]
It's a transformation project, to have them send transformation or consulting project. We're helping them to improve their manufacturing community. Improve their process. The reason we propose this product is, we will help them design a TV, and we speak to my boss in Palo Alto. We visited the factory. We found they were not doing very well in the factory, and they're wasting a lot of labor, and time, and money. The process was not good, so we are worried about if we make the TV, we're designing in their factory. We cannot make sure the product will be the same as what we're designing. [6356],[6357],[6358]
Inside the factory, you know, fighting against each other. We signed the project with this guy, and this guy said, oh we don't want this project. But they didn't tell us, and they didn't tell them either, so I've restarted the project with them. We spent a long time make longer effort to make the project go well. From the very beginning, they're still arranging a team of people to work with us, but when it comes to the end of the project, the most key moment, and this side they said, oh we are very busy, what's new your idea to ours? [6360],[6359],[6347],[6346]
We're proposing a new idea, design an assembly line, and it works out. I send the message to them. They didn't want to assign a team of people and work with us. So when we get to the factory, nobody knows us, and we are very embarrassed. [6348],[6349]
We're proposing a new idea, design an assembly line, and it works out. I send the message to them. They didn't want to assign a team of people and work with us. So when we get to the factory, nobody knows us, and we are very embarrassed. The project is not finished yet, and we're going to work with TCL on a lot of projects, so this will make their reputation credit worse. [6365],[6368],[6362],[6363],[6369],[6361],[6370],[6366],[6367],[6364]
But I don't think that's IDEO's fault you know. I think there's something we need to do in the early stage. I mean now my boss is still talking to the client, trying to get the project moving on, but it looks like there's no progress. [6372],[6350],[6351],[6371]
They say we're doing product well now, why do you bring people to us? [6352]
Generally, they're making money right? Marketing. They are more powerful. But actually in a factory, manufacturing are more powerful. If marketing don't respect us, we won't make anything, don't have anything to sell right? [6354],[6353]
They're making a lot of money and it proves that their manufacturing style is very good. But I mean, TCL is losing money, so I think maybe Toyota production system is much better, we introduce them to TCL. Make TCL more money. [6355],[6373]
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[6375] Communication issues,[6374] Forceful conflict about ideas,[6378] Alignment,[6377] Communication issues,[6380] Pessimism bias,[6379] Unresolved relationship conflict,[6376] Organizing effectively,[6356] Believes one has a hopeful path,[6357] Believes one has high agency,[6358] Empathetic disposition,[6360] Alignment,[6359] Communication issues,[6347] Communication issues,[6346] Trust,[6348] Communication issues,[6349] Trust,[6365] Alignment,[6368] Communication issues,[6362] Dismissive,[6363] Internal changes/challenges,[6369] Lack of organizational encouragement,[6361] Lack of resources,[6370] Lack of trust,[6366] Pessimism bias,[6367] Reactance,[6364] Unresolved relationship conflict,[6372] Alignment,[6350] Alignment,[6351] Communication issues,[6371] Indecisive leadership,[6352] Internal changes/challenges,[6354] Forceful conflict about ideas,[6353] Unresolved relationship conflict,[6355] Confirmation bias,[6373] Finding Existing Ideas

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