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Soft drinks (large company)



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Soft drinks (large company)

The truth, how many times do you go to, like a milk bar or where you get something, you go to get a burger or something and you look at the foods they've got there and there's fifty different drinks, and you're like, fuck! [5339]
Well, we were lucky, [inaudible 00:00:40] but we didn't have to deal with such, one of the ladies from Shanghai office was overseeing it. She's lovely. But, again, I think the conflict between Creative and Account Service comes from there being details coming from both sides and them having to deal with it in the middle, this, kind of, us having no input, so it was fine, she was really kind of just an admin role, I guess, saying this has to be done and this has to be done. [5336]
Difficult dealing with the photographer and re-touch up because they are in Singapore. Me and my partner can be very cheeky and sarcastic, just joking around, I doubt that just kind of [sound effect] a lot of the time, so we found ourselves, "no, we're joking, we're joking." It was very funny. But that was quite tricky, especially when you scrutinize over the details and it goes back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. But I almost feel the need to sit in the room with someone and talk to them. [5338],[5340],[5341],[5337]
Global gave us money to make this concept, so it was quite easy to go through. [5327]
There wasn't too many people to deal with in the way. We got to do it how we wanted to do it. We kind of mapped it out ourselves, I guess. It was a very broad process that we had complete control over. There was no real influence in the way, which is quite good. There was a couple people looking over our shoulder, but usually, especially where there's clients going, shaping you in different directions. So this was good. Ended up being funny and different and original, and we didn't have anyone to tick the boxes along the way, if you will. [5326],[5329],[5330],[5328]
Yeah. There's a guy that came ... It was a retoucher from Singapore who came over who had just invented a soft drink, and he just released on the market. It was quite a cool concept. It's called Whatever and Anything, and it basically came from his idea that when people go to get a drink at someone's house, someone goes, "What do you want to drink?" They'll go, "Oh, whatever." You know. You can't really decide. It's all too much, so he basically came up with this concept that's six different flavored soft drinks, but the cans are identical. There's nothing on the can to give away what flavor is inside, so each time you buy a can from a shop, you essentially don't know what flavor you're getting. So he played on the whole ... It's more of an experience than actually buying a product, which is really quite cool. [5321]
here's a bloke who's on all fours on a hospital bed. Doctor's got an x-ray, and he's got his hand in a big latex glove, so he's about to ... and this guy's stuck something up his bum, or he's got something up his bum somehow. So you're actually reaching into the can machine to pull something out of his bum where the hole is over his part of the body, which was quite cool. [5331]
but he was happy not to have any influence on the final decision. [5332]
Very high. I think because they're a small company, and they want to make a big impact, and their product is quite different and unique, and because they have a limited budget, they were happy to do something that spreads by word-of mouth. If you have that can machine, you're gonna go, "Oh god. I saw this bloody weird thing today. It was quite cool." So I think they were pretty keen to do something risky 'cause word-of-mouth costs nothing. [5322]
"And we've been told to do this, and this is what it is, so come up with something good." But if there's a general level of enthusiasm in there, kinda, "We did this and had this idea from this, and people didn't want that." And you kind go, "Oh cool. I can see." It's addictive when someone's passionate about something. You want to do something cool. [5334],[5333]
That's one thing that triggered us to be quite open about it 'cause he briefed us with more talking about his product, talking about his company, and he was quite excited about it. I think you get excited about a product when someone's passionate about it 'cause you don't feel like they're sitting there going, "And we've been told to do this, and this is what it is, so come up with something good." But if there's a general level of enthusiasm in there, kinda, "We did this and had this idea from this, and people didn't want that." And you kind go, "Oh cool. I can see." It's addictive when someone's passionate about something. You want to do something cool. [5323]
No. We wanted to do something ... I think a lot of people there did print campaigns and TV campaigns, and we were, I think ... the whole benefit of that product, or the whole difference that product offers is not in the actual product itself. It's in the experience of the product. We never got to taste it, but there was six different flavors. I'm sure they weren't any good. I'm sure they were your typical supermarket dodgy flavoring, but that's not the reason people went and bought that many cans. It's a bit of a novelty to go and buy a can and go, "I don't know what flavor I'm getting." It's kind of cool, like the whole lucky dip scenario. [5324]
And that led us to doing something not around a typical print or a TV or a radio ad. It was something like, how can we heighten this experience? Let's reach people when they're actually going to get the drink and make it even more interesting and make them think more about, "Oh wow. I really don't know what I'm gonna get." One of our things was a big picture of a magician holding a hat. So they reached into the hat and grabbed it because that triggers in their head, when a magician pulls out, he never knows what he's gonna get. So it's playing that up. [5325],[5335]
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[5339] Empathetic disposition,[5336] Organizing effectively,[5338] Communication issues,[5340] Cultural differences,[5341] Language barrier,[5337] Resilience,[5327] Appropriate resources,[5326] Decisive leadership,[5329] Organizational encouragement,[5330] Promote autonomy & sense of ownership,[5328] Promote autonomy & sense of ownership,[5321] Appeal to novelty,[5331] Creative Confidence,[5332] Promote autonomy & sense of ownership,[5322] Risk compensation,[5334] Believes one has a hopeful path,[5333] Win-win conflict about ideas,[5323] Halo effect,[5324] Appeal to novelty,[5325] Appeal to novelty,[5335] Creative Confidence

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