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It was good in that we presented the idea, Ann and Jay immediately bought it, said that's lovely, and then we cut it upstairs to the contractor responsible for Schick. He sold it on the same day. The client said yeah, let's do that. And then we just kinda sourced a few, all the ice rinks in Sydney, Australia. Found a contact, they were happy for us to use their Zamboni machine and yeah, that was it. [5222],[5224]
Annie and Jay, obviously, as creative directors were the main decision makers on the creative idea. And then Pete, Pete Boselcosky, sold the idea to the client. It was a cracking idea so it wasn't something that was part of a proof which was something we thought was really nice and presented to the client. Immediately sort of fell in love with it and they said yeah, do what you need to do to get it done. [5223]
It was just an idea we had. We were playing around with what could we do. Award season's coming out and we thought, well, we need a few cool ideas to go up and we just went sort of through the client list and one of them was Schick. We thought, alright, when was the last really nice piece, nice, fresh, original piece for razors and I don't know, we couldn't remember anything exciting. We thought, just played around with different ideas, and then just came up with the ice re-surfacing. That was it basically. [5221],[5220],[5219]
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[5222] Organizational encouragement,[5224] Status quo bias,[5223] Organizational encouragement,[5221] Great example - Productive innovation norms,[5220] Great example - Team Dynamics,[5219] Ikea effect

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