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The client is rude. [6787]
Mm-hmm (affirmative). They are not nice, rude to us, and then, they didn't respect us as a human being, not a creative. [6788],[6815],[6816]
Is impolite sometimes when we talk and then, maybe he look but ... maybe we represented story part, he will, something like that. Something. The gesture not nice, I mean. And then, maybe top form and then, not good. Yeah, something like that. It make you feel bad. [6790],[6789],[6817],[6818],[6819]
Fell asleep. [6791]
Fell asleep I think is fine, maybe they are very tired. [6793],[6792]
But still, very impolite. [6794]
Yeah, really impolite. Yeah. That is, for me, I think this is not good. Yeah, the feeling. You say something and then, they are not looking at you. So, this is me and then, they are not looking at you and then, reading magazine, and then, when he saw something and then, he's just like that. Then, "I think this is not nice. I don't need that. Do it again." But I'm still sitting there. [6820],[6821],[6798],[6797],[6795],[6822],[6796],[6823]
So bad. And then, the working process is very tough and rushed, because they have money. That's why we still keep that client. Because if the client ... How to say it? Don't use us, the company need to fire so many people. It seems that the company beg, I beg you, please. [6799]
Yeah. Please work with me, something like that. That is the company at the table that we cannot say no. At that time, it's really tough. And usually, they have unreasonable timing and unreasonable comments. [6824],[6802],[6801],[6800]
I think usually, we suffer with a big client because they have money that we cannot say no. [6803],[6804]
Zero. [6825],[1000],[391],[6209],[4766]
Just say something and you need to do. That's so bad feeling. [6805]
No directions because they're always changing, so no black and white. [6806]
No brief. Just a phone call. [6807]
Unreasonable. [6808]
No. No time to inspire. [6810]
No inspiration. No, they make a phone call and then, "I need blah, blah, blah. I need that after one hour." So how can you get like ... [6811],[6812]
An hour. We've got some, not just a few. We still tried to be professional. [6813]
On our side, it's very bad. On the client's side, I think they don't care. They don't care about our feeling. [6814]
With planning, no planning. No planning people because no plan. [6827],[6828]
Reference Tags
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