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So, it's something I would not recommend, it's something that the client does all the time. You take Campaign A and Campaign B and you take the headline shot of Campaign A and the visuals of Campaign B and marry them. And usually it's a recipe for disaster, but in this case I could see it did work. So, I suggested that, and we've done that and it does work and the client is in love with it. It's a small project, but it's acquired a life of its own because we've taken the two elements and combined them. [5666]
Same client, not necessarily the same bunch of people, obviously, but the same brand. And the same kind of it 'cause I've done websites, microsites for Nokia phones, I've done Nokia ads here, and I still am doing them. But the experience is different every time. Like for instance, there's another client who I will not name, in this particular agency that it was a nightmare working for this client. And the same client was a breeze elsewhere, you know? Although, in the place where it was a picnic and it was a joy to work, it was online. The place where it was an absolute nightmare was above the line print. But it was interesting how the same client, same brand, is completely different in two different places. [5667]
And a lot of it obviously has to do with the different sets of people. The IE, the bunch of clients who are handling a piece of business, the bunch of client service. I found people who are handling that account, the relationship between the two of them, the trust between agency and client, the relationship between agency and client, and also the nature of whether it's online or above the line or below the line. Normally, as you know, below the line work is a lot of dog work and a lot of things can go wrong. There's not much joy, it's not very glamorous, it's not very visible. Below the line always gets [inaudible 00:47:58] treatment and above the line is where all the glamor and all that action and the fun is, because you have [inaudible 00:48:03] and TVC's and so on, so forth. [5668],[5669]
So, it's interesting to see how the same client can be heaven in one place and absolute hell in another. [5670]
I would say medium to high, actually. Because Nokia is known for, if not breathtaking stuff, certainly different from the usual. Given the nature of their business, i.e. mobile phones, you have to be very current, very contemporary, very cutting-edge. Of course, depending on whether you are talking to teenagers or young professionals or older guys of whatever. But, there's still, because of the very nature of the mobile phone business, you need to be somewhat cool, if not uber cool. [5671]
Well, it's a small campaign and again, not too much time, so I think the only thing that was done was they got approval from whoever the international agency is that did the original concept and whoever had to approve globally at Nokia. I guess, again, because I have not met the client I do not know. Time was short and there was no time to through complicated procedures or approvals. [5672]
Well, the fact that we were told that this campaign done locally has been shot down, this campaign done overseas has to be adapted to this market. So we found the best way to make it make sense here. Because we could see that what was done for the overseas market would not work very well here, because it was a little too sophisticated for that. So we needed to combine elements of the two to make it work here. And the end product was even better than I thought it would be. [5674],[5673]
I think it would have gone above the heads of a lot of people here. Because I think it was right for that market, it was for Europe that campaign, or the US I think. Possibly the US and/or Europe. It would not have been as [inaudible 00:51:45] here. It would not have been as well understood here. [5675],[5676]
I think we are not as visually sophisticated. They would not have got all the ... Because it was a campaign done on just visuals, which we would not have got. I mean the visuals were great, it was a big idea. But I think it needed a little spelling out of what it was to, not dumbing it down, but certainly making it less of a leap. Sort of filling in the gaps for people who would not make the connection so easily. [5677],[5678]
Well, it was just the one concept, I mean the two concepts which were mixed together. There's no question of doing more [inaudible 00:52:30] because there's was no time to do more [inaudible 00:52:32]. [5679]
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