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And Paris wanted to use The Hotel's services for an institutional campaign, to do something different. [4369]
Of course, I sent the project from here in Chile to Argentina and they presented it. It happened that in the end they didn't choose anybody's idea and it think they threw away good Argentinian projects, like ours. But _____, what I was telling you about, in comparison maybe. It was a pitch, you don't know the client. Maybe I can present that to ' if I had managed Paris for five years and I take that project, maybe that project would've been accepted out of a conversation, you know? But maybe there wasn't a good example because it was a pitch. [4375],[4376],[4370],[4377]
I don't think there was a lot. There wasn't a lot of risk. I saw the spot they put out and it was a pretty commercial but nothing out of the ordinary. [4371]
The most important thing was that it had to show all the different kinds of women there are. To go outside that perfect model in that sense. The brief said that, it was very inspiring and we went with that. Almost literally, what we came up was that all women are beautiful and are beautiful when they feel good about themselves. [4378]
Time was good. It was a big-budget campaign. [4372],[4373]
I don't have that much information but I think that they weren't accessible and it seems that they had something very precise in mind and what that happens they don't open up ' [4374]
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[4369] Lack of real innovation mandate,[4375] Alignment,[4376] Communication issues,[4370] Illusory superiority,[4377] Internal changes/challenges,[4371] Confirmation bias,[4378] Empathetic disposition,[4372] Appropriate resources,[4373] Balanced workload pressure,[4374] Communication issues

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