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We are creating a world for that and this has been a very entertaining experience, it has been a challenge and we would work again once the COPESA client comes back, the one we have talked about all of the time. They are now with another agency but well this is another opportunity we don't want to miss. So then we have devoted time and I mean we want to do this step by step and maybe take it like a creative opportunity. [4391]
I believe they have a regular tolerance, it is not very high I mean they are not risk takers but they are very ________, let's say. I mean if you have a good campaign and it complies with the marketing objectives, and if it is based on something valid they are going to approve it. [4392]
I was not in the briefing because I was sick but I know what we talked with Leo that what we had to communicate was to change a magazine that is perceived as old and we had to make it modern. This brief was more useful, this was a brief that came more from Leo than from accounts, because we had a more informal talk about the brief, and sometimes that is everything you know. We had to look for that, that the magazine is no longer perceived as old and that it is made so the people really feel the change. [4393]
We still can't talk about budget because this is a bidding, and we have time about a week or less. We have enough time. [4394]
I don't know them yet, but I suppose it must be good because they have a very good relationship with Leo, so then I do as well. So then I believe that they are going to be good, I can't tell you anything yet, but I believe they will be good. [4395]
t has been very good, we have a very good team, you will se people working and that is _______ [4397]
With accounts and this client I have not gotten an idea yet, we have received the brief directly from their general creative director and we have developed it. I don't know what it will be yet, but it will be good, I mean we will get along with accounts. [4396]
here isn't any piece or anything but we do know that we are going for this guy that likes to be up to date and that that is a lot worrisome ' no, that is not the word ' being up to date is a lot harder today. You should be up to date if you would like to be this kind of person, to whom we are talking. [4336]
It's interesting for this guy do some 360 global or something like that. That's the project in which I am currently working and I am pretty excited. I think ' I sense that it's going to turn out well. I think that the conversations we have to talk about the project are very interesting. That's my current project, what I am more invested in. [4339],[4338],[4337]
That was sort of the process we worked with them. That client loves us, so our idea was to give it some time and then try to bring the newspaper here. That's why I say that the size of the client is tricky because we are bidding for one of the magazines of this company ' [4340]
Very tolerant. They are a brand that takes risks and that likes to break the mold. I really want to work with them. [4333]
It was a very good one because it is very well described what it is about and it has a lot of rich information. You read it and it gives you enough conversation for an hour and what that happens is because it's useful and in that hour surely the road will show itself. That happens to me. A lot of times you read a brief that doesn't say anything. It says what it has to, functional; and this is a brief that you can read and say, 'Okay, let's talk.' And something happens. [4341]
They are very good. We went to meet with them and it's like meeting with a friend after three years. We haven't worked with them in three years so it was like, 'Hi, how are you?' [4342]
My team? Incredible. Great. [4334]
Yes, every conversation and the video and everything. Someone from planning has been with us 70 percent of the time. [4335]
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[4391] Balance of challenging work,[4392] Trust,[4393] Appeal to novelty,[4394] Balanced workload pressure,[4395] Trust,[4397] Trust,[4396] Trust,[4336] Empathetic disposition,[4339] Believes one has a hopeful path,[4338] Believes one has high agency,[4337] Optimism,[4340] Illusory superiority,[4333] Trust,[4341] Believes one has a hopeful path,[4342] Trust,[4334] Trust,[4335] Organizing effectively

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