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Klinskoye Redkoye



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Klinskoye Redkoye

So we're coming to this meeting and we are showing the guys these storyboards and colorful one and explaining everything, and the client is not impressed with those stuff. There's something they were expecting. In the end we're saying, "Well, you know, while sitting in the car, we had this idea that we didn't have time to storyboard. Just frankly, this is something we did up right on the road." We are telling them like ... They said, word up and there we are. [9862]
They said, "Well, how much time and how much money do you need to produce this?" There we are. In three weeks, we're in there with that thing." Then the stocks went out. They lost the stocks. They sold out the whole beer. They didn't know that they will sell it that fast. They didn't actually buy enough stuff to make new beer so they just run out of stocks. That's fun. [9863]
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