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There was a funny episode a long time back. There was this commercial case we were doing. It was, they have too many restrictions. The thought was we had this family going to the KFC and the order, and then the kid looks up and he sees the mall Santa sitting outside eating by himself. [5705],[5706]
So the kid feels sad and tugs at his dad's shirt. And the next shot was Santa saying it's time for sharing. And the client said, "Santa doesn't eat." [5707]
"Santa doesn't eat." So how do you argue that? How can we say back, you know? I say you're talking about disappointing stuff. [5708]
Like this commercial for KFC, right? We had this, it was for Christmas season thing. We had this, it had a lot of restrictions. You had to have 15 seconds of the ad and two seconds on the chicken or whatever it is. In that first half you gotta tell the story if there is a story at all. [5709]
So we had this, thought we'd make it a bit cute. We had this family going into this KFC restaurant. Then as they're ordering the kid looks up and there's a mall Santa sitting outside eating by himself. Most of the cases have a mall here. [5710]
And the kid tugs at his dad's shirt. The next shot is you have Santa sharing the meal with him. It's about Christmas and spreading the cheer, sharing. So when we would explain that to the client, she said, "But Santa doesn't eat." [5711]
And to be fair, this particular client, it's not exactly known for their own creativity. They are very conservative, very- [5687]
So they didn't buy the commercial because they thought Santa didn't eat. Which was a bit, very odd. [5712]
It's the, it's like you have a bunch of people, let's say six guys. There's one person that's gonna say yes or now. And once the person says something everybody will say yeah yeah yeah, he's a charming guy, he's like Gandhi. Or whatever they say, they're just reflect. They won't change their mind or disagree with him. [5714],[5713]
Because it was all over the place for the first two weeks. It was only the third and last week that everything fell together because people realized that we did not have enough time to dick around anymore. We needed to settle on a direction and go forward with that. [5688]
Those were good also. It was just that a lot of the key people were not seeing eye to eye sometimes. And what is really frustrating is when people who attended one meeting, the previous meeting, do not attend the following meeting and people who've not attended, say, meeting number three then come into, oh, people who attended meeting three don't come into meeting four and five and six. And people who've not attended meeting four, five and six happen coming back in the seventh meeting and then they have their own inputs, you know? It was so ... everyone and all the decision-makers need to be in all the meetings all the time. [5689],[5690],[5691]
We were given just three days to do a major campaign. And the brief was not bad, it was reasonably good, as good as could be under the circumstances. But creative was not given enough time to flesh out the whole thing, and given the importance of that project as a pitch, they should have had more than one team on it. There was just one team and I was 50% of that team. [5692],[5694]
Well, I can think of one, again, in recent memory and without getting into the agency. There just wasn't enough time given to us on that project. [5693]
It's always quick turnaround, two days. [5715]
Yeah, with KFC it was always insanely tight. [5716]
that there were 15 people involved, 16 people involved, and here there were only three people involved. Obviously, and the time was not good enough in terms of three, four days to turn it around. So it was just me and the art director and the creative director and just three of us. And the creative director had his own things to do, so he was not there all the time, he was vetting and approving the broad ideas. So basically, just me and the art director we felt both pressured as well as not enough brainstorming and ideas, not enough people to bounce ideas off of. [5695],[5696],[5697]
I don't know. They seemed ... I think because of somebody turning up late, she was a bit pissed off. Maybe not very cordial at that. [5717],[5718]
I said they're stupid. [5719]
A bit dense, yeah. [5720]
No I guess the client was a bit difficult too because of the nature of the function of the business leg. Retail has to be very quick. Very conservative, I would say. [5721]
So I guess it's a mixture of everything. The planning, a bit too much on the defensive side. So it's been about pain, and the tactic line all coming together. [5722],[5723]
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