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One that went extremely well, we sort of hit those mental blocks. We hit very, very early on. From there on out, everything just seemed to flow. Whereas again another time, things went extremely well until we hit a block, then it all just fell apart. I definitely feel some sort of... We feel like rock stars when we're actually nowhere near rock stars. You kind of need that wake-up call very early into situations so that you can judge, "Can I do this in second gear or can I do this in fifth gear, high speed or... Do I really need to work on this or not?" [7555]
They were very keen on it. They definitely thought it was better than their agency's suggestion, but at that stage they had already gone with the agency's suggestion because of time or whatever. They were very keen on it. [7556]
The brief was quite open. It had a specific mantra that it had to go into at a specific problem. It was to create awareness about their charitable thing that they were doing, but at the same time increase sales in the lower markets. From our research, we spent three weeks in Soweto. We found that it was almost impossible for them to do this, because they do it differently, they have certain foods that they stick to and if they do eat Kellogg's they are supplied the expired product from the spa or the shops, because they can't sell them. The idea was to, obviously talk to the highers, which would filter down a higher [inaudible 00:19:01] and the opinion leaders and those kinds of people. [7540]
Yeah, well the living standard measure. People were losing time shares so the charitable thing was for rural education and stuff like that. They wanted to obviously increase sales whilst creating awareness and they don't have TV as much as highers do, and they don't really buy Kellogg's because they can't afford to. So, if we were talking to them and talking to the wrong people- [7541]
oundaries and constraints on the project / was budget or time an issue? [7557]
Research. We spent those three weeks doing actual research... Well, we spent three to four weeks doing the actual campaign. The research was... We went into the town shops and spent- [7542]
We went into the town shops and spent- [7558]
Yeah, nobody really does the research, we sort of have a gut feeling. Back then we were quite forced into the research element, we had to prove everything going through, and we fold a lot of stuff. We did interviews, we did questionnaires at the same time, but at the same time it was doing more of less, we would focus on the little things. [7543]
Basically, that's where the campaign concept came from, is the little things. These people take so much pride in the little things and use the little things to add value to their lives. So, that's where it came from. [7559],[7544],[7560],[7561]
It was fine. The communication was good. We could explain everything to them and they could understand it. [7562],[7545]
There was no, "We'll think about this. We'll talk to you later," kind of thing. [7563],[7546],[7564]
It was a there and then kind of decisions. [7548],[7547]
Within the team decisions were also... We had one figure, one figure head, and he basically delegated. There was one person who was in control of where we were going with the whole thing, sort of combining everybody's efforts into one. Broke it down into sub-divisions, basically. Same as an agency. [7565],[7549],[7550],[7566]
We had our lecture was whenever we had to ask a question we would write out an email, give it to her, she would look at it, assess it and send it through and receive feedback. [7551]
Very well. They received it quite well. [7552]
They have a very weird way of doing things, I think they'd be great salespeople. They knew exactly what to do, and they were also creative. They knew where we were and needed to be done. [7553]
Great. Very good. They were involved in everything. [7554]
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