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Insurance (large company)



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Insurance (large company)

So just harder and harder. It used to be many groundbreaking commercials in the past 10 years, 10 years before, but now just see that's only the advertising just got worse. It's just something that's very executional. So for project don't go well, there's a lot, because the client, they want to ... The brief isn't that clear, because you want everyone to be really ... People can't remember, what do you want to sell. I'm not sure on one just ... So our concept department is getting ... The client become bigger and bigger so our concept can't really control them like they used to do. [6659]
Yeah, one time when I was in China, the client, they developed a really solid global platform and their platform was very good. So it's aligned globally so ... I was in Hong Kong that time so we just developed an ad based on that platform. And because the platform is so solid, so we can have ideas came from the platform really easy and really fit to the brief. So that one was pretty good. [6661]
And the client side didn't have many hierarchies so the approving process wasn't that complicated. And the clients trust us. That's the best part and we got a good team at that time. We are creative and our concept has really worked together to push and to sell, and that was good. There's a few of us really good at that time. [6666],[6662],[6663]
Yeah, budget was normal. [6664]
Time, normal too. [6665]
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[6659] Declinism,[6661] Win-win conflict about ideas,[6666] Trust,[6662] Trust,[6663] Win-win conflict about ideas,[6664] Appropriate resources,[6665] Organizing effectively

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