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The clients insist to do this project and with a lot of money budget. [6495]
They really want to do a good idea since the 76 is a really big number of media, and they have enough space of media, so they would like to do some innovation. [6496]
When they present it to the clients, the clients feel it's too lifelike, too interesting. [6519]
They're kind of conservative people. [6520],[6497]
A lot of restrictions. [6498]
That are coming from the conservative clients. [6499]
The first comment is too interesting, too lifelike. [6500]
The client said they don't have enough time and budget for them to shoot the photography. [6501],[6521],[6502]
This is recommendation, this is we recommendation. [foreign language 00:22:59] [6503]
The other two are a little bit more conservative than this one. [6504]
The clients only accept a word from the other two ideas, that is global. [6505]
That means that of the three ideas, that's all they took. [6506]
The clients give one idea to the creative. [6507]
Yes. No time, no budget. [6509],[6522],[6508]
He has no way to make it clear, to use their favorite idea. They has to abandon the idea out, and if they do like the clients has asked, they only have provided a globe, the image of earth. [6510]
They will try their best to finish the idea if the clients could accept which one they like. They will use their passion and time and money control to work on this project. [6511]
The situations are same for the two ideas, no budget, no time. They prefer to do the earth. [6523],[6515],[6513],[6524],[6512],[6514]
[foreign language 00:26:13] stock photo, image like this. Such a terrible image. [foreign language 00:26:29] [6516]
Working on a line copy to match up with the picture to make it look a little bit more creative. [6517]
They doesn't contact much the way the client thinks. The client does even creative people to do the presentations. This time, it's Marc who ask for a presentation, then they had the chance. Really, [inaudible 00:30:26]. [6525],[6518]
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[6495] Appropriate resources,[6496] Lack of real innovation mandate,[6519] Alignment,[6520] Conservatism,[6497] Conservatism,[6498] Risk compensation,[6499] Conservatism,[6500] Conservatism,[6501] Lack of resources,[6521] Planning fallacy,[6502] Planning fallacy,[6503] Compromising conflict about ideas,[6504] Compromising conflict about ideas,[6505] Insufficient Feedback,[6506] Insufficient Feedback,[6507] Insufficient Feedback,[6509] Lack of resources,[6522] Planning fallacy,[6508] Planning fallacy,[6510] Insufficient Feedback,[6511] Insufficient Feedback,[6523] Conservatism,[6515] Insufficient Feedback,[6513] Lack of resources,[6524] Planning fallacy,[6512] Planning fallacy,[6514] Premature idea evaluation,[6516] Not invented here,[6517] Not invented here,[6525] Alignment,[6518] Insufficient Feedback

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