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Huge client. Big client. Really, really, this is the first big job, first piece of work that we had done for the client since we got the business. [315]
Massive pressure. [334],[316]
"We'd like to try and get something in front of them that just spins that. I've seen a couple versions of it done and I like it very much, can you have a go?" It was that relaxed, so I did. And I had an idea within an hour and a half, and it was just like, brilliant. It was just one of those moments where you just go "Yeah, that works." Happy. Pressure was on, but it was such a stupid deadline that I relaxed. It was so unrealistic that I let everything, I just thought "Oh, fuck it. It doesn't matter." And it just kind of freed up. [318],[317]
That was entirely on my own. [319],[335]
Yeah. I was on my own on that one. So that's a difference to the [Calpull 00:42:02] one where I actually had somebody to shit filter. [320]
Risk tolerance is, at that point, pretty good actually. I think they were very good on risk. They were very ... They had a campaign that was already running. They knew it was a success. They knew the formula worked. So there was a kind of slightly more relaxed attitude to it. Here comes another in the series, you know what I mean. [321],[322]
More confidence. Exactly. So yeah, good. I slotted into that and because they had all that in the back of their heads, they didn't have to research it. [323],[324]
Time was the big one when I was writing, and then after that ... [326],[325]
Limitless. It was like .... Well, budget was never an issue. HSBC. [327]
One, I'm originating a campaign. There is no precedent for it. That's [Calpull 00:44:50] and then you've got HSBC, where you just go "I'm the next one up." PROJECT ID [336]
"So fuck the lot of you. This feels right to me." Whereas with that one, you know you can be judged against three other ads. [337]
They were really distant. I met the top guy, pitched the script. Actually, my crew director pitched the script and then I just met him for a pre-prod, and that was it. He just said "Yeah, I like it. Go ahead with it. You've got a really good director. See you later." And it was just literally that simple. [328]
Well, the client group was probably, literally, I think there were only two decision makers on the client side. And in terms of the account team, there was only about, there's only really two people. So it's really tight. Helps. [329]
Yeah. Yeah, I had a tiny bit of input from another creative who helped out. They wanted a tiny bit more romance in the story. He added a little tiny sort of subplot, if that's possible to call it a subplot in 60 seconds. Which kind of helped. It was a, like "Can I carry your bags for you" kind of moment. Just a little bit more interaction. That helped. What else? Any other stuff? Obviously from the director himself who interpreted it and did some nice little things on the way. [338],[330]
Yeah, yeah. You have a fall guy. You always to have one that they can kill. Well, that is psychology. [331]
You want to give the client, yeah, that power to veto [332]
Well, yeah, the illusion of options. Exactly. [333]
Apart from that little bit of help from this other creative who helped me whilst I was on holiday who just did basically a little tiny script polish to up the romance, there was no other outside help. [339]
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