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This [inaudible 00:36:36] 30 years for this job because it's going up first, target audience that is not using the card. So it's a matter of whether you want to spend money on these guys or not. Was it worth spending money on these guys or not. So, if they do something that's creative which involves a lot of money, I don't know if that is the right solution for them. I don't think we wanna do something that involves a lot of money. As in, the agency's [inaudible 00:37:05] for them to be too expensive. [5413]
Oh yes. There's a brief, there's a very clear cut. It gives the proposition, everything worked nicely so, then we don't have [inaudible 00:37:40] and we all research and come up with something. So it saves a lot of time. [5414],[5415]
The idea is simple, actually what I've done here is very simple. And it gets the message across well. [5417]
This is the first time I've sent work out to this client, so [inaudible 00:38:21]. But they haven't gotten back to us as yet also. So I really wouldn't know what's that relationship like. [5416]
When I see something and, sometimes account services they don't get it from a creative point of view, they only look at it from the client point of view. And vice versa I'm sure. But, really actually they're quite understanding of both the creative angle and the client's angle and they really take work and show it to the client. Even if it doesn't exactly fit the brief, but it achieves the same objective. So that's nice. That's very nice. [5418],[5419]
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[5413] Confirmation bias,[5414] Great example - Productive innovation norms,[5415] Win-win conflict about ideas,[5417] Believes one has a hopeful path,[5416] Insufficient Feedback,[5418] Communicating ideas across domains,[5419] Organizational encouragement

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