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There's one person that's gonna say yes or now. And once the person says something everybody will say yeah yeah yeah, he's a charming guy, he's like Gandhi. Or whatever they say, they're just reflect. They won't change their mind or disagree with him. [5726]
Very conservative, I would say. [5727]
Well, there was not much time or room for inspiration because we just had to get on with our job. So I think it was just myself and the art director and the creative director sitting together and brainstorming. [5699]
I think one of the key things that we were told at the beginning of this project was ... It was implied, I guess, that there was not much confidence within the agency about that project, and the fact that we can't reverse [5700]
No, I mean the relationships were good, the interaction was good. It's just that there was not much time to elicit or interact and develop it together as a team. [5701],[5663],[5664]
It's okay. They've been a good client, actually. They're one of the best clients to work on in Singapore. I've worked on other banks, they ... There's a lot to be desired. This guy's really good. [5724]
They're efficient, they're receptive, they'll try to sell whatever you have. They're intelligent. [5725]
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[5726] Authority bias,[5727] Conservatism,[5699] Collaborative-Creative Disposition,[5700] Lack of organizational encouragement,[5701] Planning fallacy,[5663] Planning fallacy,[5664] Unbalanced workload pressure,[5724] Trust,[5725] Trust

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