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GPS (large company)



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GPS (large company)

A little bit disappointing, the project. I think one of the reasons is, at the very beginning I had very high expectation of my role on this project, but it turned to be ... Oh, bless you. [6177],[6176]
I tend to be a very ... I'm not a core team member on this project, but I imagine I will be a core team member on this project. I turned to be not, so it disappointed me. The other problem is, there are four or five team members for the [impart 00:33:03], just me, a single person, working in Shanghai to cope with [inaudible 00:33:11] do some, 2D drawing work maybe makes more sense to me. [inaudible 00:33:24] do some testing, in the meantime, I am doing some design work, compare with my high expectations in the beginning is nothing. [6179],[6178],[6189]
So it disappointed me. I want to became the designer, just to a person who implements some ideas. [6181],[6180],[6190]
Pretty high. I think they spend lots of money for us to developing something new, creative ... [6182]
Yeah, budget is okay. [6183]
Not so tight [6184]
I think the team members impart a lot of, did a lot of brainstorms and collected lots of samples. Maybe similar GPS device, similar consumer electronics or something like that. They inspire them. I also do something similar in Shanghai. [6191]
We went through the whole process from the industrial designing, [HF 00:38:28] process team. I just, I joined this project from phase two. I'm not sure whether you know it or not. Phase two means we already end industrial design. I think I saw maybe three or four concepts. [6185],[6192]
I think the personal relationships is very good. We still have some, from my point of view, we still have some ... We are from different culture, so a little bit different. [6186]
Working more closer. Working more closer. This is why in, even if ... I think the communication on my end, I spend a lot of time communicating because you are quite far away from others. Working more closely, and yeah. [6193],[6187]
It is easier for communication, and you can get responses in very short time. You don't need to wait. [6188]
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