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I mean I believe that the idea exceeded the production we never managed to film what we expected to film and in the end it was a disaster. In fact the client did not accept the commercial in the end, and the producer when we told her she said, 'Yes we are going to be able to do that' and they couldn't it was horrible. [4542],[4524],[4523]
I mean if you see it in the end you can't, I mean they were not able to say that they couldn't do it, they were not able to say that they weren't going to be able to do it. And we also committed the mistake of believing that they were going to be able to do it. [4526],[4543],[4527],[4544],[4525],[4528]
None. [4529]
Because the result was not the expected one. [4531],[4530]
Horrible. [4532]
They were not constant, I mean one day they would say yes to something and the following day they would say no to the same idea. I mean it was like, 'I love that idea' and the next day that idea was useless. They had very little trust in our work, they took very few risks, despite the fact that they accepted the suicide campaign, I don't know why. Deep down I believe it has to do with fear to be creative in a way, and with regarding consumers as idiots, because they are not going to understand. [4535],[4545],[4534],[4546],[4533]
Well, very well, they were good. [4536]
In the sense that accounts was more on the client's side than ours. It tends to happen, I mean when they people from accounts worries more about the client not being upset than the creation of a creative campaign in general campaigns are a disaster. [4537],[4547]
I mean, 'No, not that idea because they are going to call me on it' like they are not thinking about the agency or the campaign, they are looking out for their job. That happens, and it happens a lot in fact. [4548],[4549]
That generates a sort of secrecy that for example even some times the people from accounts are the ones that boycott the idea for fear of the client, I mean, 'No, not that idea because they are going to call me on it' like they are not thinking about the agency or the campaign, they are looking out for their job. That happens, and it happens a lot in fact. [4538],[4539]
With planning, with planning they were good because in that case I believe that the problem with this campaign was more than anything on one hand a problem with the people from accounts that also made us choose that concept because there were others that were better. So then a lot of the times you end up doing something with which nobody is really convinced. [4540]
The results are these, that in the end we do a campaign that might be the one that the client wants but not the one we wanted. But the problem was not with planning, I mean in that case the work we did with them was okay. [4541]
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