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Electronics (large company)



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Electronics (large company)

Actually, our target is to try to design a very even ring. The ring has some lighting but it's... So for example, we have the cycle shaped surface, and the ID wants to have a very even ring. So we have to use, because cost is somewhat of an issue, we only have eight LED that light up in this way. We try to lighting the whole ring, but the problem is every single LED has a single hot spot in the center, so our most typical target is to try to remove or just to cover this hot spot to get to the final even ring. So we go into the market and we have found some existing applications. It's very funny and very helpful for us. It's not in a [inaudible 00:02:41] but it's very helpful. So this is [inaudible 00:02:44] from the brainstorm meeting. Our careers and other members of the team give us a lot of input regarding experience typical from the previous job, so yeah, this is [6112],[6118],[6119]
The second thing is after we received this project we set up a conference committee with him and set up regular conference call meeting time. Everything in the very beginning. So we try to communicate with him as much as possible, and it's through this communication and also through some kind of service, this service means if we want to get the trust from the project manager [inaudible 00:05:15], who were are never worked with again, so we have to show our capacity and for this we keep on sending him daily report, very detailed daily report. Including all the test we have done on every single day, and the result, the pictures, samples we've got to him trying to make him know we are working very hard on this and we are treating this project very seriously. So this is the second thing we do to view [inaudible 00:05:53]. [6120],[6113]
For this one, the first idea that we organized a brainstorm meeting. So brainstorm meeting is regarding some technical details, and regarding, it's try to collect the some new ideas from other people. So, this is one thing. And the other thing is, because we're very close to this location, it's a big, big center for electrical device or electrical components center. We're very close here. It might be 30 minutes by taxi, so we went there just to randomly try to get something, to get something, to collect something interesting [inaudible 00:01:05]. [6114],[6121]
I have to say the relationship is very good because the first thing is team is small and the second thing, there's three review, other experienced, and also they guide us in a very smart way. So it means they don't pay much attention to the little details and try to keep us motivated and give us the guidance from their own experience. So this makes life very easy because this means they trust us and also want to help us. [6125],[6123],[6122],[6115],[6124]
The first thing is it's better to have other people meet at least one time face to face in the very beginning. The second thing is we should let the team member know each other very well through the profile or through the summer progress project experience. So this means if we want to trust each other we should know each other first. [6116]
And then the second thing is ... People, it's better for all these people's to know something about the catch of difference. For example, the US team and Chinese team. What's the difference between China and try to figure out a way to arrange the time because we have nine or eight hours time difference. So how to use it for projects is very important. [6117]
Okay. So I've ... one year for me, one year experience for me, ideal. I involved in three projects, two projects I worked just as a team member, as a pure mechanical design engineer. So I'm a leader by [inaudible 00:58:49] by a projects leader. So the project is a very small project, so I have a chance to take a little bit leadership things and I work together with one young people, Henry, together, and I do a little bit of this kind of arrangement things, management things. So this is three projects I've done in a deal. [inaudible 00:59:16] [5820]
It's separately. IDEO [inaudible 01:01:16] take charge of the table itself, and they gave Shanghai a small handset. The time for this one is actually extended again and again, so it's started from the last ... December of last year, and it should be ... it's supposed to be finished in the middle of March, and now it seems still endless developing procedure. [5821]
Yeah, this is the project really regarding some innovation. Client. So, [inaudible 01:03:03], the program manager in [inaudible 01:03:06] told me do anything you want as much as possible. So it's very open. So they only give us the description of this handset looks like, and the weight, height, and the idea design sent, we needed to figure out by ourself how to assemble it together and how to make some of. Because of a lot of the LED and the light pipes inside. We have to make it look very beautiful, so this is just ... this is their request. So it's very tolerance, a lot of tolerance. [5823],[5826],[5827],[5822],[5825]
Yeah, the budget is controlled. So locally controlled a little bit by me, but globally in [inaudible 01:04:03], and this project is interesting because it's not by fixed expense, it's just by time we spent on. So we have to say it's no clear budget. [5824]
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