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EBS guidelines (timber houses)



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EBS guidelines (timber houses)

It just clicked? It usually doesn't just click. There's usually something wrong that just goes haywire. Oh God, something that went right? It's easy to think of something that went wrong. I'd say when I was working on the EBS guidelines. I did their corporate guidelines for them. The reason why it went well is because it just all came into play. It was a lot of work, and it was so much to put out. Once I got through it and I put it out, it was actually quite a success. It was a long procedure, and it was a lot of work, but it wasn't a hard procedure. It wasn't like I battled with it and things went wrong, it was just a long process, but it went quite a while. [7624],[7632]
No, wasn't very innovative. It's a guideline- [7625]
It's not a very innovative project. Most of the innovative projects don't get made. You do this great stuff, and you come up with these great ideas, and the client doesn't like it, and you go back to the boring stuff. [7638],[7626]
eah, it's a lot of research going in, looking at other CR guidelines, what other people are doing, what can they do, spacing, the environment within. So, it is a lot of research that comes into it. [7639]
No, you've got to be able to know what ... you're busy developing someone's brand, and you're going to tell them what they can and what they can't do with their brand. There is definitely research in ... if I say, "Okay, you can't do this with your brand," what's going to happen in five years time? Who's going to be wanting to do what to your brand, and keep your brand fresh, and keep it innovative within the structures? Yeah, it's a lot of research going in, looking at other CR guidelines, what other people are doing, what can they do, spacing, the environment within. So, it is a lot of research that comes into it. [7633]
The brief was basically, "Come up with a corporate guideline for us within three weeks," which was hard to type in the deadline. [7627]
We had a very short period of time to do it than what we usually would have had. [7628]
Then, I'd say, budgets, no, not big budget. [7640]
With the guideline. I mean, some guidelines can take six months to do, but this was a very small one. Then, I'd say, budgets, no, not big budget. [7634]
Appropriate. Appropriate budget, but not- [7635]
Nothing extravagant. [7636]
To make it easy for someone, me inspired me, because when I get a guideline, a corporate identity guideline, and I have to now go use ... it's very important for me that I have my restraint, obviously, but I also have my freedom to play with the brand. I was thinking, "I want to make a corporate identity guideline so that if somebody like me someday has to design something for this company, they don't feel like, "Oh my God, I can't do anything for this stuff." So, I think I would say me, as a designer, was an inspiration to designing it. [7637]
They come in, they give their 10 cents worth, you tell them, "No, we can't do it like that. That's not how it's done." So, normal relationship. Nothing over the top exciting, and nothing bad, never bad. [7629],[7631]
I have a very good relationship with Mel. She gives me good time when I needed it, she gave me extra time when I needed it. She also ... I can tell her straight, "Listen to me, we've got a bit of a problem. Please, please," and she would go ahead. She liked the work that I did for her. [7641],[7630],[7642]
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[7624] Peak-end rule,[7632] Resilience,[7625] Risk compensation,[7638] Reactance,[7626] Risk compensation,[7639] Empathetic disposition,[7633] Empathetic disposition,[7627] Planning fallacy,[7628] Planning fallacy,[7640] Planning fallacy,[7634] Appropriate resources,[7635] Appropriate resources,[7636] Appropriate resources,[7637] Promote autonomy & sense of ownership,[7629] Communicating ideas across domains,[7631] Forceful conflict about ideas,[7641] Organizational encouragement,[7630] Organizing effectively,[7642] Trust

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