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CRY/child relief and you

So we spoke to them, we got more, you know what are the things of why children aren't going to grow up both of the parents and economic situations and everything. And then we started to sit down and think of a different way in which we could create an ad that would obviously stand out and get some recognition within this competition as well as mean something. And we had a lot of ideas initially. [5397],[5398]
So the way we started off is a [inaudible 00:09:51] writer and a art director said it's not about copy or it's about art, it's about the idea first. So once the idea is there then the copy and art sort of just fall into place. So we were concentrating on the idea first and we had a lot of ideas and nothing was working. There are some times when you just have a lot of ideas but it just doesn't seem right. You say, "No, it's not right, it's not right". So we tried and we tried and nothing was coming and we had three options which were like safe options. [5390]
If nothing came, then these were the options that we're going to go with. And then on the last day, this Monday before we were supposed to submit this entry, in the night we go out me and my friend and we're just having a drink or two and suddenly we started sketching some ideas on some tissue paper. And that was it. We got the ad then and there. So we went home, finished the ad. In the morning we came and submitted it. That was that. It just came, it wasn't ... We were again really given up, but then suddenly the ideas came. Which was perfect. I don't know if you can call that luck or just perseverance or what, I don't know, but it just came, which was nice. [5399]
It's an Indian NGO that basically looks after children. And, it looks after the health organizations that look after them. So it's like this mother of organizations. So we were working for that. And in India a lot of people when we get married, they tend to give us a small donation to some charitable cause. This is a [inaudible 00:14:37] we just came to a small [inaudible 00:14:39]. So CRY wanted a place on this market. So wanted to send out a mailer to brides and grooms who were just about to get married. So that's where we came to [inaudible 00:14:53] and said, take a direct mailer to get to them. Make them donate to us, CRY. [5391]
So wanted to send out a mailer to brides and grooms who were just about to get married. So that's where we came to [inaudible 00:14:53] and said, take a direct mailer to get to them. Make them donate to us, CRY. [5400]
And the idea that [inaudible 00:15:55] had was one of these last two ideas that we had chosen. And then we just, you know then my art partner does the art and I do the copy. Then we put it all together and send it out the client to approve the one we wanted. And then they mail it out. Though I don't know whether this was effective or not. Because we didn't get feedback from the client. [5392]
Sometimes, it actually depends whether you ask them. Sometimes we don't ask them so they don't give us feedback. Sometimes they give feedback but it doesn't come down to us. Because creatives aren't actually people who are dealing with the client. So this thing comes in review. So now it goes through ... Sometimes it might get lost. Sometimes. Only sometimes. [5393]
Time was, we had about just for conceptualization, we had about three days. Which was fine because we were only working on those kinds of flat pack. But it was tight because it's a flat pack. So we couldn't spend much. But then it's an NGO so you expect that. [5394]
Yeah this was among the ideas that we had explained. This wasn't like the last time it just came out of nowhere. But they were like I said, when you see an idea you just know inside. So this was one of those ideas, and just hard to like pass. You take this away. [5395]
I didn't deal exactly with the client. But the servicing person was there and he kept talking to us. Okay, they liked the idea but they were just wondering whether it would be as effective or not. [5396]
They were good. But then, all of us were around the same age group, so we'd just go and just hang all out together after work too. So it was quite a good relationship. [5401]
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