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Cmak mayonnaise



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Cmak mayonnaise

Mm-hmm (affirmative). Actually, I can't remember any worst project because in any project, I try to do everything. [9702]
Mm-hmm (affirmative). Actually, I can't remember any worst project because in any project, I try to do everything. The project will be convenient and I will be happy with them. Sometimes, we have [foreign language 00:30:46] several mistakes maybe in any project, something else, but it's not critical and not same about bad project. Maybe, I have the one project in previous agency which was bad. I hope, I think, bad. (silence) It was a project for mayonnaise. [9691],[9690]
No, local brand mayonnaise. It was a client who doesn't know what they want. [9692]
Their factory, yes. Their factory. We saw how they create their mayonnaise. It was really interesting, but they didn't want to mention about the process of production of mayonnaise. [9703]
Because actually, it was a very different period in this agency because we had no creative director and we have several teams which was absolutely different without one head. And our manager [inaudible 00:35:32] decided to give the project to several groups. It was very ... it was bad situation because there was several group leaders who didn't decide to find agreements and ... but we have a rather good customer service, I mean accounts. They tried to save situation. [9693],[9694],[9704],[9695]
No. Actually, have presentation, present it to the client our ideas and there were about three ideas. I think it was ... They were rather nice but because we had three leaders for three ideas, I think client was really disorientated. So in the finally, client has changed another idea, not our agency idea about testimonial. [9705],[9697],[9696],[9706]
It was nice. They invited us in their restaurant, in their factory, in their office. We communicated a lot, but there was communication about something else but not the product. [9698]
I don't know. I changed the agency, then I know several people from that agency change the area of their interest of responsibilities. They left advertising and got a job. [9699]
Yeah, but I survived. [9700]
I think, yes, it may be important and of course it will be helpful for both sides. For example, I'm as a copywriter, I work with our director as a couple and if I had bad art director, I have to find new one or my boss should do it and if I had good art director and we had ... It's not a question of relationships. For me, it's a question of experience and knowledges because I could have good relationships between me and art director for example, but I realized that he have knowledges for doing the work. For example, sometimes we need to make a picture. Sometimes, we need to communicate with directors, I mean shooting directors. Sometimes, we need to understand different stages of shooting process. I understand these things but I would like to see the person in my couple who will understand too. But relationships, it's ... I think is very important thing because I saw several couples, they had bad relationships and nothing good ideas. [9701]
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[9702] Solitude disposition when stuck,[9691] Believes one has a hopeful path,[9690] Positivity effect,[9692] Vague goals,[9703] Empathetic disposition,[9693] Believes one has a hopeful path,[9694] Indecisive leadership,[9704] Internal changes/challenges,[9695] Lack of organizational encouragement,[9705] Alignment,[9697] Empathetic disposition,[9696] Indecisive leadership,[9706] Vague goals,[9698] Communication issues,[9699] Resilience,[9700] Resilience,[9701] Organizing effectively

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