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I did a brightened ad for Supradyn which was cool. Kind of came up with the idea and a week later it was shot, by the end of the month and stuff. And that's very cool for me. Yes, the first day it hasn't had any issues and it was very quick to do [7409]
Yeah, the thing is it was the first ad that I did when I went to JWT and I hadn't really been involved in the whole productive, creativity environment because I was from the [inaudible 00:07:46] and we did creative stuff that was a bit different. And yeah the first meeting I was into it, it was approved by the creative director and everything just was a smooth ride. No interferences from clients. It was good. [7410],[7411],[7416]
I'd say they don't take a lot of risk at all. [7412]
No, they didn't do research on this idea. It was a proctored idea. [7413]
It was pretty basic. It was just 'come up with cool ideas and see what works.' [7414]
Yeah, there was no budget. So we got everything for free that we could. And time, time was fine. [7417],[7418]
I have no idea actually. It just kind of came to me, I don't know. Basically, in effect it was a weight loss program offered out. 'Cause the ad is a Russian doll it's - so the inner doll is sitting there inside the outer doll. So it's basically like the thin girl is coming out, kind of. And, yeah. It was kind of just a weird idea that happened. (laughs) [7419]
I was new so it was hard for me like, to make relationships with them but it went cool. They seemed fine to me. [7415]
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[7409] Ikea effect,[7410] Anecdotal fallacy,[7411] Inexperience,[7416] Organizational encouragement,[7412] Risk compensation,[7413] Effort justification,[7414] Effort justification,[7417] Appropriate resources,[7418] Balanced workload pressure,[7419] Creative Confidence,[7415] Inexperience

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