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Yeah, it was pretty tight. We had a week, I think. Less than a week, entering the weekend. Yeah the first round we got on Friday, and then two days later Monday we had the first meeting. So that was really tight, less than a week. [5702]
It was like a [inaudible 00:21:04] of some 15 people, which was both very good and very, very bad because everyone had inputs and when the senior guys have inputs right or wrong, you have to listen to them. And often, because of the sheer number of senior people involved, there was a lot of, well, intellectual masturbation and a lot of egos at stake also. [5680],[5681]
And it was frustrating because, as creators, you're going down one road in terms of one direction. You flesh out the direction for four days and then you find that, come day five, that has been canned because something, there's a new angle, there's a new direction. [5682],[5683]
because we could come up with an entirely new direction every day [5684]
Yeah, pretty good. You have to have the right kind of people, otherwise ... If you don't have too many stumbling blocks within the agencies it's very good. [5703]
We sat with the whole team, creative team sat together and fleshed out all the different ideas from above the line, print, to below the line, brochures, banners, hoardings, billboards, what have you, and through the line, online, from websites to microsites to banners and viral videos and everything else. [5685]
Needless to say, the agency not only won that piece of business, but suddenly it's getting a whole lot of business. It was a great team effort and it was both frustrating as well as stimulating. [5686]
I guess that's why we work with the client to test for the base in Tokyo. They dealt with the client, they had them. So they would screen if it was too wrong or too not Japanese, then they would tell us. Then we would rework the stuff. So we had some kind of buffer zone between us and the client. [5704]
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