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They had stuff in bathrooms, they had stuff on tables, walls, everywhere so it was quite cool. That worked very well and that Appletiser, they clicked, do you know what I mean? Both brands all worked well together but some brands don't ... You know that one party, it's like there's never an even balance between two things. So, yeah, the one was playing in the other one's territory and they were all corned, it was great. I suppose cocktails, everyone drinks. [7700]
eah, because we thought it out from the beginning to the end, everything was up to us. [7705]
Yeah, because we thought it out from the beginning to the end, everything was up to us. So all that they said was that we have to sell Appletiser and we have to make cocktails with it in. They gave us a budget and they said, "Well, do whatever you want." So they said, "Okay, R50,000-00 is what we have and you guys can do whatever you want with it." So that was cool then you have ... Look into your freedom to just choose whatever prize, and then all the mechanics are up to you so it isn't lik someone else does the mechanics, you get it from there and then you try and do something to make it fit with that, do you know what I mean? So from beginning to end was our problem and obviously then it's easier. [7697],[7702]
So Appletiser didn't belong to us but we handled everything. [7706]
News Café is pretty cool with that because obviously because they into the younger people like the trendier people going there so they always have to be innovative in what they doing so, they were quite open to it which was nice and their briefs were always like, do something different. But other clients obviously have their way of doing things, they're like, they've got their blue print and this is how they do things and you have to do it like that. [7698]
No it was cool, like I said, they gave us ... They said, "Here's R50,000-00, you have to sell Appletiser," and we have to have cocktails, we have to mix the Appletiser in cocktails. And that was it. "Do whatever you want, use any point of sale elements, whatever works." [7707],[7703],[7708],[7701]
Well it was the Appletiser, it was nice to just work out something different and something that's ... It's such a clean brand. Like the apple is very simple, it's very elegant so, that kinda stuff is cool to work with because it's iconic in a way. So, yeah, we just used all the Appletiser stuff rather than News Café. [7699]
Firstly, they gave us the mixologist so it was cool, they were totally, whatever we want, whatever cocktails, he was there, the mixologist came through and he worked for News Café and then yeah, I suppose they were a very quick and easy process to actually which direction they wanted to go for. So that kind of yeah ... [7704]
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[7700] Organizing effectively,[7705] Promote autonomy & sense of ownership,[7697] Ikea effect,[7702] Promote autonomy & sense of ownership,[7706] Promote autonomy & sense of ownership,[7698] Risk compensation,[7707] Promote autonomy & sense of ownership,[7703] Promote autonomy & sense of ownership,[7708] Trust,[7701] Trust,[7699] Appeal to novelty,[7704] Promote autonomy & sense of ownership

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