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Anta (sports brand)



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Anta (sports brand)

This brand is very local, so he wants follow the famous international brand like Nike or Adidas or something. He is really his own way, and is very grass rooted. [Chinese 00:07:05]. He is very different. You know all the sports brand advertising in the TV is look the same, they always want to learn from the Nike or the famous one, but he is totally different. [6625],[6629],[6624]
Talented, and no one claps [Chinese 00:08:22], claps for you, and you are so ordinary, you are so normal, you have nothing, the world is unfair, but you have the right to dream, and you have ... let the scars be your meadow, or let your sweat be your declaration, or something like that. Let the unfair world [Chinese 00:08:58]. [6630]
It's very Anta. It's not Nike. Nike's play, fun, or some very relaxing, but he is very ... have the Chinese inside it. Yeah. [6631]
In a very small city in China. Some people said, "He is the 10 years before Nike." [Chinese 00:10:10]. [6632]
I think creative is you work at your own way, so he did well. He did totally his own way, his Anta's way, not Nike way. [6634],[6633]
Yeah. The client is kind, and he very trust us, so he accept the idea very smoothly. [6626]
What's the brief like? It's an open brief. He just want to ask to give TV commercial to build his brand, but actually, they didn't know what's the brand visual is, so we ... yeah, we decide. We draw the brand like the grass rooted. [6627],[6628]
Reference Tags
[6625] Appeal to novelty,[6629] Creative Confidence,[6624] Pro-innovation bias,[6630] Creative Confidence,[6631] Empathetic disposition,[6632] In-group bias,[6634] Believes one has high agency,[6633] Creative Confidence,[6626] Trust,[6627] Promote autonomy & sense of ownership,[6628] Trust

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