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Because I'm very critical and so for me to say a project completely clicked together is ... I haven't found one yet. [3080]
Well, one that went really well the project leader knew he was going to have some stuff to build. He knew he wanted me to help lead that and so because the presentation of the deliverable was physical, let's say 75% physical, I thought it was smart of him to delegate. So, what he did was he said, "Look, we're got this big build, it's a major part. We've got some designs and some ideas. We don't have them completely solidified, but I want you to head up the build", and then allowed me to take that and run with it how I wanted to and deal with those problems, which was smart for him because then that allowed him to focus on the big picture like what going on with the whole project, keeping the writers content, giving them the information they need, designers, and then the build. So, he brought me in early and said, "Look, this is big build. I need you to head this up and let me know what you need." And I was able to say, "Look, this is what I need, this is when I need it. I need another person. This is who I want." That person didn't work here and not that he didn't question me, but it wasn't like he was against me. [3094],[3096],[3095],[3082],[3081]
Justification, yeah. So, I was able to bring in the other person who I had 100% confidence in that I didn't have to babysit. And then he and I ... because this other guy, we complement each other well. [3099],[3083],[3097],[3098]
And then he also trusted me with my job. [3085]
So, I would say some of the key elements to why it worked so well was that he brought me in on the project leader, the project lead brought me in on the project early. He didn't wait until either things were screwed up or it was too late to get a good design. And then he also trusted me with my job. [3101],[3084],[3100]
And so when he brought me on the project he didn't know exactly what these things were going to look like. And he's like, "Why don't you go off and we have a couple napkin sketches. Go make a few of these different shapes and come get me", because there was cylinders that opened up. There were boxy looking ones. There was this nicer clam shell looking thing, but they all had to be able to collapse and they all had to have a nice feeling. [3102],[3103],[3104]
And that way I didn't have to worry about that because I knew she was taking care of it, and then I was still working on walls and tents, which was nice because again, project lead allowed me to make that decision to have Liz. It wasn't a fight. It wasn't like why do you need ... Why can't you just do this also? Or it can't be that difficult. In fact, it was a pretty difficult problem in and of itself. [3107],[3106],[3105],[3108]
I'm usually background. I do think it was a little questionable at the beginning, but after presenting the build in our work they were so excited about it that they went back and made a duplicate and tried it out. And I think we got, I want to say at least one more project out of it because they were so excited about the whole answer. [3086]
I guess I keep coming back trust. If you have a project leader that can't trust you to do your job there's one of two problems. Either the project leader needs to sort himself out, or the person that's on the team shouldn't be trusted, and that needs to be addressed. More often than not, you end up with a lot of project leads that are mother henning everybody, and it doesn't allow the team to grow. If you get people on your team that you can trust and that you know have a good track record, you should let them do their job. If they're sitting there questioning you, like if I'm sitting in the shop. I'm building something, and someone comes up and goes, "Is that really how you want to make it?" Okay. Well, why don't you make it then, obviously since you're so much better at it? I have that problem every so often, and it drives me nuts because if they were so good at model building, then why don't they just do it themselves instead of sit there and give me a hassle about it. [3088],[3087],[3089],[3090]
So, it could be like me going to a mechanical engineer and telling them they're not designing the mechanism right with the vectors and It's like come on. That's how you get a great project is by having your team do their jobs because then there's no overlap, so you can cover more area. You can go faster, and everybody's more content. [3092],[3091],[3093]
That's how you get a great project is by having your team do their jobs because then there's no overlap, so you can cover more area. You can go faster, and everybody's more content. [3109]
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