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I think at the very beginning when I came into this industry, there was some positive experience. I know barely nothing about the advertising, so I think everything's fresh and interesting. For example ... we had a project about an Adidas women's campaign, and the brief is ... nothing aside a brief, but we just create some kind of three dimensional posters. It's three dimensional. I think at that time, it's the totally new way of doing the posters, so we are quite happy about this direction, and we came up with lots of ... three dimensional things. It remind me, like when I was in school, there was always this kind of lessons to folding papers to cut. It's quite fun, I think. That's the first time I think that this industry is quite nice. The results is also very good. We won a couple of awards. [6740],[6739],[6737],[6738],[6732],[6731]
I think ... most times the brief is generic, as usual, and we have to ... we have to, let's see ... interpret into different directions. We put it into different interpretation, and we go different ways. I barely see a good brief. [6741]
Time? Not that tight. [6733]
I think it's within the time. I think the time is the same as usual, but ... we just found a good direction. [6734]
The relationship with the client? It's good, it's good. Fortunately, one decision-maker is quite passionate for these kind of great ideas, so that's why it went so well. [6736],[6742],[6735]
Accounts services? It's also very good. TBWA, that is just like 30 or 40 people, so it's kind of like a family, everyone are friends. [6743]
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[6740] Believes one has a hopeful path,[6739] Believes one has high agency,[6737] Creative Confidence,[6738] Inexperience,[6732] Appeal to novelty,[6731] Inexperience,[6741] Vague goals,[6733] Balanced workload pressure,[6734] Organizing effectively,[6736] Confirmation bias,[6742] Decisive leadership,[6735] Decisive leadership,[6743] Trust

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