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I think we're always disappointed. If the client didn't want it by our recommendation, because of the budget or something else. [6744],[6754]
I think we're always disappointed. If the client didn't want it by our recommendation, because of the budget or something else. PROJECT ID [6755]
No, I remember. Also for Adidas. Before the final game of the World Cup 2006 ... Adidas asked us to do something for the grand finale. We have several options for doing that. Our ECD found a very good route, so he asked us to throw the other routes away, and just go this route, and sell to the client. The client ... didn't want to buy this route, and ... they said that they don't have enough money. So after that they decided not do anything for this grand finale, but we really like the idea, and we really want to make it happen. So we argued with the client until the last minute before the final game, but we still cannot make it happen. [6756],[6746],[6747],[6757],[6745],[6758]
Yep, super low. [6748],[6759]
Time was also very tight. [6760],[6749]
Three, but we just picked one, and go to the client. [6750]
Same bunch of people. I think the relation is smooth. But there's always some kind of conflict, but generally it's always going well. [6751]
Yeah, but the relationship is still good. It's just business-wise they didn't want to spend that money. We got used to that. [6752]
Accounts is just okay, 'cause in this project, we fight for it to the end, but accounts seems to be standing on the client's side, so they wanted us to give up ... in the early stage. We fight for the last time. [6753]
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[6744] Insufficient Feedback,[6754] Planning fallacy,[6755] Reactance,[6756] Alignment,[6746] Communication issues,[6747] Forceful conflict about ideas,[6757] Internal changes/challenges,[6745] Lack of resources,[6758] Unresolved relationship conflict,[6748] Lack of resources,[6759] Planning fallacy,[6760] Planning fallacy,[6749] Planning fallacy,[6750] Choice-supportive bias,[6751] Quick resolution of relationship conflict,[6752] Insufficient Feedback,[6753] Organizational encouragement

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